Managed Cybersecurity Services

Protect your business from an array of online threats

Cybersecurity is a crucial part of any business as cybercriminals, malware, and online scams grow more sophisticated and effective in breaching IT security. Your business needs a skilled, trustworthy cybersecurity partner to create a strong security posture that protects your business. Our team has over 10 years of combined experience working in the Miami area, and we've constantly evolved our cybersecurity knowledge and solutions to stay ahead of the latest cyberthreats.

Our tried-and-tested Managed Cybersecurity Services use methods such as vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to assess your current security position. Once we understand your security issues and vulnerabilities, we can create and implement a robust security system that protects your confidential data from cyberattacks. FUNCSHUN will keep you safe 24/7/365, providing support when you need us, in person or on the phone.

Here’s how FUNCSHUN Managed Cybersecurity Services keep you protected from threats:

  • Thorough penetration testing to identify weaknesses
  • Comprehensive network assessments to pinpoint and eliminate security issues
  • Company-wide compliance and best practices awareness training
  • Round-the-clock network monitoring and scanning
  • Cybersecurity support and threat remediation

Complete your cybersecurity strategy with the Zero Trust framework by FUNCSHUN

With its “never trust, always verify” motto, a Zero Trust model adds an extra layer of protection by verifying each and every internal and external users before granting them access to your resources. It keeps your data, systems, and people safe no matter where they are, and without compromising your business agility.

Want to ramp up your defense against cybercrimes? Reach out to FUNCSHUN and we’ll handle everything seamlessly, from integration to ongoing management.

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