Zero Trust Framework

Complete your defenses against modern-day cyberthreats with the “never trust, always verify” strategy

With the majority of business operations relying on the cloud, and cybercrimes ramping up nonstop against SMBs, more organizations are adopting a Zero Trust framework to bolster their security posture. Contrary to the traditional “trust, but verify” model which automatically trusts known users and endpoints, Zero Trust believes every internal and external user could be a potential threat. This means it thoroughly vets every access request before allowing connection to an organization’s information or apps, granting only the necessary privileges to minimize breach risks.

While integrating Zero Trust policies into your cybersecurity might sound complex and resource-intensive, FUNCSHUN will handle everything from planning to management, saving you the hassle.

With Zero Trust Framework from FUNCSHUN, you’ll get:

  • Detailed assessments of your current cybersecurity, so we know which gaps need to be filled
  • Strategic integration including proven preventative methods to curb any risks associated with poor password hygiene
  • Expert management that ensures you always have accurate, real-time visibility into user credentials
  • >Maximum value for money thanks to our flat-fee pricing that’s designed to help small and medium-sized businesses optimize their resources