How Hackers are Using AI for Cyberattacks

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the shape of technology. Cyberattacks are a real threat to businesses and the average person alike. While resource-intensive hacks of the past were designated solely to businesses due to profitability, AI allows for more wide-scale attacks on individuals.

The Hidden Threat of Using Portable Devices for Banking Services

Portable devices have upended the way that society interacts with websites and conducts business. A few decades ago, no one would have thought that they would have a phone in their pocket or would they store all of their personal information on it.

Today, people don’t realize that the convenience of pulling out their phones and accessing their banking service may create a major security risk.

The Possible Dangers in QR Codes and How to Protect Yourself

QR codes are simple, easy to use and can store a lot of data in them. While these small bar codes are great for tracking items in a supply chain, they can even be used to help direct customers to sales pages in stores or act as digital business cards.

If you’re not a cybersecurity company in Miami like we are, you likely never think of the potential dangers these codes pose.

What Should You Do When Your Social Media Accounts Are Hacked?

Social media’s 4.48 billion people love to connect with their friends and family online. If you have Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, VK, X or one of the many other social media platform accounts, you’ll always be at risk of the account being hacked.

Any account you have online can be the focus of an attack, but without a phone number to call, it can be tricky to regain access to your social account.

The Key Components of a Disaster Recovery Plan

Our team offers cybersecurity in Miami, and when a disaster occurs, we recommend a recovery plan. The right plan will allow you to rapidly restore your system and have backups of your most important data.

What components are included in a recovery plan? There are quite a few, and your needs will change by the type of plan in place.