Keep Your Social Media Accounts Safe

Keep Your Social Media Accounts Safe

It seems like every week, there is a story about a celebrity, politician, or news source that has posted something crazy on one of their social media accounts and then claimed that it was not them who put it on there but someone who had hacked their account. Often times, they are trying to cover up their comments. However, there are instances where someone gains access to another’s social media accounts without approval. This is why it is important that you take the proper steps to protect your accounts, and here are some social media safety tips.

Passwords, Passwords, Passwords

This tip cannot be stressed enough. The number one way that someone is going to gain access to your account is through the password you are using. It is either too easy to figure out, or you have been using the same password for years, or use the same password across accounts. Another issue is that you may have given your password to somebody you trusted, but they shared it with somebody else.

This tells you that you must do everything possible to protect your passwords. Start with strong ones. Many sites demand that you use lower- and upper-case letters, numbers, and special characters because they are more challenging to figure out. Change your password on a regular basis, at least three or four times a year. Do not be afraid to use crazy symbols and letter combinations. Make finding your password difficult, then don’t share that with anyone.

Use Two-Factor Authentication

We get too comfortable with using our devices and assume no one will have access to them. Don’t do that. Always assume someone is going to figure out a way to get on to your device. This is where a two-factor authenticator is a good idea. You can have it, so an authentication code is sent to your phone that requires you to say that you are the one who accessed your social media platforms. Unless someone has access to your phone as well, they will not get into your account.

Protect Your Devices

You need to ensure you are finding a firm for cybersecurity in Miami that can protect your devices. Whether you are a business or an individual, use a service that can help you to ensure that your navigation on the Internet are safe and hacker free.

Limit Access

Lastly, make sure that you limit access to your social media accounts, hopefully only keeping it to yourself. Keep this rule in mind. If you share your account information with somebody, how do you know that they did will not share your account information with somebody? The answer is you don’t.. Keep it to yourself!