Threat Management and Incident Response

What is Involved in a Robust Threat Management and Incident Response Strategy?

  • Vulnerability Scans, Assessment, and Reporting
  • Cybersecurity Consulting
  • Breach Detection and Remediation
  • Penetration Testing
  • Threat Advisory

What are you doing to gauge your exposure to risk and measure the effectiveness of your company’s cybersecurity protocols?

Threat Management and Incident Response is about more than simply reacting well when an IT security incident is discovered. It’s about having the right people, the right protocols, and the right proactive cybersecurity elements in place well ahead of that breach attempt.

Why is Threat Management and Incident Response a Business Necessity?

Unfortunately, we live in a world where cybercrime is a reality. Every business, at one point or another, is targeted by criminals intent on causing mischief, doing harm, or stealing confidential data. Because of this truth, companies must harden their defenses and take a proactive approach to the protection of their critical data and workflow.

But when all proactive resources prove ineffective against a new or unforeseen strategy employed by a cybercriminal, FUNCSHUN SEC specialists step in to mitigate the potential damage. This is accomplished through the use of high-level monitoring techniques in combination with an appropriate and timely response to incidents.

What Are the Four Stages of Incident Response?

  1. Detection and Investigation

  2. Recovery

  3. Containment and Eradications

  4. Incident Post Assessment

What Do We Take Into Consideration When Developing a Threat Management and Incident Response Strategy?

  • The Maturity of the Business – As a company matures and its operations become more complex, the IT security necessities grow in lockstep with that progression in maturity. We devise cybersecurity protocols in line with where your business is now and where you see it growing in the near future.
  • The Security Goals of the Business – Each company, along with its corresponding data and workflow assets, differs. The goals set by business leaders in regard to what they need secured and the level of security they wish to attain factors into the conversation and the equation as we formulate a plan to achieve the level of security needed for that data and workflow.
  • The Compliance Posture of the Business – Compliance requirements differ from industry to industry and from country to country. In addition, legislation and industry standards continue to evolve, leaving businesses scrambling to understand the new standards and find ways to configure IT strategies to meet those changing standards. Our IT compliance specialists work diligently to ensure that your IT systems and protocols fall within accepted guidelines to meet current and pending legislative and industry expectations.

Why Should You Trust Your IT Security to the FUNCSHUN Team?

  • Cybersecurity is Our Primary Focus – While there are dozens of IT support companies that will be happy to sell, install, and monitor antivirus and firewall solutions, that’s as far as their IT security proficiency goes. FUNCSHUN has hired the right IT security specialists and has narrowed its focus to cybersecurity in order to provide a comprehensive IT security package to our clients.
  • We Have the Tools and the Know How to Get the Job Done – Our team of cybersecurity professionals leverages forensic, networking, and discovery tools in tandem with strict protocols to deliver a response that is effective in mitigating and remediating any damage done by cybercriminal activity.
  • We Show Up – Although a lot of things can be accomplished remotely, we know that when you suffer from a cyber breach, you want to have professionals on site to answer your questions and to manage the incident.
  • We Deliver on Next Steps – Once we have dealt with a cybersecurity incident in your business, we don’t leave you abandoned. Instead, we follow through with steps and protocols to ensure that your IT systems do not fall prey to the same or a similar attack in the future.