Technology Architecture & Infrastructure

What are The Five Stages of Implementing Secure Technology Architecture?

  1. Needs Assessment – Discovering the needs of your busines

  2. Technology Selection – Finding the devices and software that is in line with business and security requirements

  3. Design Review and Architecture Assessment – Ensuring that each element chosen works in tandem with the entire scope of the project

  4. Technology Implementation – Putting each element of the project into place

  5. Technology Optimization – Driving efficiency by configuring each element to meet cybersecurity best practice standards

Why Does a Secure Architecture Matter?

There was a time when a company could choose the best-of-breed cybersecurity solutions, implement them, and be fairly secure in their choices. But, times have changed, and the playing field has elevated. Cybercriminals are playing at a much higher level, necessitating an equivalent response from businesses and their cybersecurity partners.

Today, tight integrations and automations close the gaps left by the “best of breed” approach to cybersecurity. Companies still should adopt the best technologies for their application, but building out those technologies, so there are no gaps for cybercriminals to infiltrate, is the entire goal of implementing a secure technology architecture.

What Secure Architecture Technologies Does FUNCSHUN Specialize in Implementing?

  • Intrusion Detection System
  • Security Incident Event Management
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Web Application Firewall
  • Intrusion Prevention System
  • Malware Protection
  • Network Access Control
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Gateway Security URL Filtering
  • Identity Solutions
  • Email Security
  • Next Generation Endpoint
  • Next Generation Firewall

What Can be Included in Technology and Architecture Implementation Services?

  • Project Support Staffing – Either handling projects 100% or supporting/directing the efforts of internal IT departments
  • Integrating New Devices – Setting up, configuring, optimizing, and securing new devices while documenting the process to refer to later if needed.
  • Securing Network Architecture – Documenting traffic flow then reviewing how the network design impacts the company’s cybersecurity posture resulting in a roadmap for the next steps
  • Technology Assessment – Looking into the overall health of your IT assets and IT support protocols, to formulate recommendations that will improve overall security and efficiency optimization

Why Leverage the Technology and Architecture Implementation Skills of FUNCSHUN?

  • Cybersecurity is Our Focus – We aren’t driven by selling devices and software to you. Our laser-like focus on securing your company’s infrastructure allows us to seek the right solutions for you.
  • We are Technology Agnostic – There are dozens of cybersecurity device and software vendors. We aren’t tied to any specific vendors. We seek out the products that have the features needed to keep your business data and processes safe.
  • We Don’t Do Average or Standard – Each cybersecurity solution must be as customized as the business it protects.
  • We Know What We Are Doing – Because we have narrowed our focus to securing companies IT environments, we have the ability and the time to dedicate to diving deep into the nuances of IT security. In contrast, IT support companies that don’t solely focus on cybersecurity, may not have the time to stay on top of the daily changes in cybersecurity trends.