Scott Photography evolves with Office 365

Scott Photography evolves with Office 365

In an era of filtered perfection and disappearing selfies, Louis Scott has made a living by photographing the authentic, “raw” versions of his subjects. The mission of Scott Photography (located in San Antonio, TX) is to help individuals and businesses grow through the art of portraiture.

Since founding his business in 2012, Scott has depended on Microsoft Office for operating his business. Whether it’s a corporate client in need of headshots for the employees who make their product possible––or an aspiring actor, hoping to be the next big thing––Office helps Scott to always be ready.

Scott has also taken more time for personal projects as his business grows. He created the Human Uniqueness Project, which includes The Firefighter Initiative—portraitures of firefighters in day-to-day life, rather than in the acts of heroism that characterize their work. The Firefighter Initiative is meant to convey each firefighter’s individuality as essential to the work they do for their communities.

“I think overall, people have a good amount of respect for firefighters,” Scott says. “But they don’t see them for everything they do in the community and on a daily basis. They just see people who are riding around putting out fires, and that’s it.”

Scott is developing his art and his business––with Office continuously at his side.

Microsoft Word keeps Scott mobile

Scott uses Microsoft Word throughout his daily workflow: for forms, proposals, direct marketing and jotting down quick notes. Word also makes it convenient for Scott to upload information into the company’s CRM, and to access documents on the go. He loves Word’s Design tab, which allows him to create business proposals for clients from scratch and appreciates the Thesaurus for improving his vocabulary as a writer.

“Whenever I’m on the road, I need products and services that are as mobile as I am,” Scott explains. “Using Office 365, if I ever need anything, all I have to do is pick up the phone or go to online help. It’s very convenient… If I’m at a shoot, and if I need help with anything, it’s a good feeling to know that it’s [Microsoft] who has my back.”

In headshots and client relationships, alike, Office helps Scott keep his customers smiling.

“I recall a time in which I needed to send a very important proposal to one of my clients, and thought I’d have to return to my studio to reach a desktop,” Scott says. “But I was surprised at how simple it was to create and send a proposal right from my mobile device using Office 365. It was a huge plus in my book.”

For sole proprietors, entrepreneurs and small businesses, it makes a big difference to have a little extra help.

“I chose Word over other writing and editing apps because Word offers me the tools I need to get the job done.”

PowerPoint allows Scott to showcase his work

PowerPoint supports Scott’s growth by allowing him to build beautiful, shareable presentations that digitally showcase his vision in the best light. His favorite PowerPoint features include the ability to change themes, add voiceovers, customize transitions between slides, and add music, which he explains really brings each slide to life.

“It’s tough to encompass all we have to offer into a single presentation. PowerPoint does a phenomenal job by giving me control to customize the presentations as I see fit,” Scott says. “I can create a single PowerPoint that can be used over and over… It allows me to leverage my time and focus on things that need my attention on a day-to-day basis.”

To capture a subject’s personality on film, photographers must be flexible, trust their vision, and keep their finger on the button. Through his customized approach to presentation building through Office 365, Scott has the confidence to go into every meeting, ready to showcase his work.

Professional photographers must manage a unique balance of business and beauty, and Microsoft Office 365 was built to help.

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