Ransomware is quite a big deal now considering some of the malware that has been released of late. People freak out and don't want to be vulnerable to this type of thing. This blog will give you a couple of ways to prepare for an attack like this. Now, if you already have ransomware this blog will not help you with that. This is ways to prepare for malware.


  1. Back-up and Imaging of Data – With the exponential growth of corporate data, it’s difficult for enterprises to know what information they have and where it’s stored. However, this knowledge is critical to determine whether to pay a ransom. If a company has a solid backup of the data taken hostage, it may be able to revert to spinning up a new copy with backup restoration without needing to pay the criminals.
  2. Importance of the Data – Organizations should take inventory of their data and systems, identifying the operational-critical pieces and then deciding how much they can spend to release the data given an attack. Determining specific criteria beforehand will make responding to a ransom request easier should an attack occur.
  3. Reputational Damage – It’s never good when criminals take an organization’s data hostage, but it can be particularly bad for an organization devoted to protecting and serving communities, like law enforcement departments and hospitals. In addition to the importance of compromised data, enterprises should consider how their response to a ransomware attack will affect their reputation with customers, partners, and shareholders.
  4. Consider the Liability – While paying a ransom may be the easiest way to release compromised data, there’s never a guarantee that criminals will release the information – you are dealing with professional thieves, after all. But according to the FBI, most organizations that pay the ransom to get their data back. Another argument may say that paying ransoms only encourages criminals and enables them to refine their attacks. However, it’s equally possible that your organization may become a less attractive target because the company will be more aware and harden the systems against attacks.


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