Why is it Important to Work with Outsourced IT Professionals?

Why is it Important to Work with Outsourced IT Professionals?

Our Technical Expertise and Strategic Partners

Aren’t You Tired of Having Novice Techs Learn on Your Dime?

Too often, IT Support companies here in Miami Dade County send out techs right out of high school with little to no formal training and zero business skills.

FUNCSHUN is not new to the IT industry. In the last 15+ years, we have served many small to mid-size businesses along with several fortune 500 companies and other IT consulting firms.

By doing so, we have gained the expertise and skills required to surpass the standards set by the industry and raise the bar – resulting in better service levels for you.

Why Are Our Relationships with Industry Vendors Valuable for You?

  • Better Pricing
  • Faster Vendor Support
  • Vendor-specific Technology Expertise

We have formed strategic partnerships with some of the biggest names in the industry that follow the same ethos of customer satisfaction as us.

  1. HP: Not much needs to be said for the famous Hewlett-Packard Company. An industry giant known throughout the world for its innovative designs and technology, much of what we are able to offer is because of their pioneering in the industry.
  2. AVG CloudCare: AVG is behind one of the most popular anti-virus software packages ever designed and is synonymous with ‘security & safety’.
  3. Dell: The name speaks for itself. Their hardware options are used in business throughout the world and are known for their reliable, long-lasting, and secure electronics.
  4. Microsoft: Microsoft needs no introduction either. Their credibility and extremely high standards are the reason they have stayed at the top of the IT industry since its inception, and one of the main reasons for our partnership. – We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner.
  5. Veeam: Veeam’s virtualization technologies allow companies to use on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments to host their data and workflow.
  6. VMware: A subsidiary of Dell technologies that was at the forefront of virtualizing the x86 architecture, VMware provides the high-end cloud computing and platform virtualization software and services used by many IT firms today.
  7. WatchGuard: WatchGuard is one of our network security vendors specializing in protecting computer networks from outside threats such as malware and ransomware.

What Does the FUNCSHUN Team do Best?

Well, we could talk to you about all the intricacies of keeping business IT environments secure, maintained, and optimized, but you don’t want all those details.

What you really want to know is, “Do these people have the skillset to give me uninterrupted use of my IT assets?”

The answer is, “Yes.”

These are the services we use to deliver that stable, pro-growth environment for you.

  • FUNCSHUN MSP - Managed IT Services - Keeping your systems running flawlessly so you can get your work done.
  • FUNCSHUN Cloud - Cloud Services - Helping you make the most of cloud assets and exploring the cloud’s potential.
  • FUNCSHUN Security - Protecting your infrastructure through continuous monitoring, timely remediation, and the most cutting-edge protocols available.
  • FUNCSHUN WEB - Presenting your organization online in a way that is search engine friendly and visually appealing.
  • FUNCSHUN VOICE - Using modern internet infrastructure to give you professional voice communications and collaboration capability all over the globe.