Managed Security Services

Is Your Company’s Data and Workflow as Protected as You Think?

Could Your Business Do with a Security Upgrade?

Cybercrime is at an all-time high, leaving many businesses concerned about the stability and security of their networks. Today’s leading businessmen are turning to reputable IT support teams for Managed Security Services to give them the peace of mind they seek.

Managed Security Services from FUNCSHUN offer companies cutting-edge protection as a defense against penetration attempts by dangerous cyber criminals. Our Managed Security Services include the continuous monitoring of our clients’ networks, data, and systems to spot and thwart potential invasion efforts while shoring up detected vulnerabilities. To add an additional layer of protection, we offer rapid response times to each incident call to prevent collateral damage resulting from intrusion attempts.

What Can FUNCSHUN Managed Security Services Do For My Business?

A fortified security front must be backed by both the best technical support systems and strategic thinking. FUNCSHUN SEC provides the following advantages to your business:

  • Lifting the burden of security maintenance with COMPREHENSIVE TECHNOLOGY SUPPORT including troubleshooting, upgrades, and general IT maintenance
  • Watching over your IT systems with THREAT MONITORING and management of all IT assets to maintain optimal technology health
  • Helping you find the most appropriate CURRENT IT SOLUTIONS sourcing and vendor management to support fortified security
  • Providing IT CONSULTING for executive decisions that are impacted by technology

What Specialized Services Does FUNCSHUN Offer South Florida Businesses?

  • Managed Security Services—an all-inclusive set of proactive cybersecurity protocols designed to fortify our clients’ data, network, and workflow
  • Threat Management & Incident Response—a thorough approach to reducing overall risk, investigating potential threats, and formulating a comprehensive strategy for detecting vulnerabilities and addressing weak security measures
  • Technology Architecture & Implementation—strategic IT consulting and project management services to resolve challenging IT limitations
  • Identity Services—fortified security to prevent external and internal threats through enhanced security surrounding identification data and information access privileges
  • PCI Compliance—penetration testing and assessments to ensure correct PCI compliance and to pinpoint and eliminate overall system vulnerabilities
  • Advisory Services—information needed in the C Suite regarding the implementation of proactive cybersecurity measures to safeguard critical data
  • Virtual CISO—access to a fully outsourced Virtual Cybersecurity Information Officer that assumes control of complete monitoring, management, and maintenance of all data, systems, and networks to reduce risks and prevent security breaches and compliance violations