IT Services In Miami-Dade County

IT Services In Miami-Dade County

What Industries Do the IT Support Professionals of Funcshun Serve in Miami-Dade?

Wonder if we serve your industry? We take care of the most demanding IT environments in business. We’re confident that we can take care of your IT!

How Well Does the Funcshun Team Know Industry-Specific Technologies?

Since our founding in 2011, Funcshun has been working for companies of all types and sizes.

From small startups to medium sized business to even fortune 500 companies along with other IT consulting firms, our client base spans the industry spectrum of south Florida.

Wonder if we serve your industry?

We take care of the most demanding IT environments in business. We’re confident that we can take care of your IT!

These are just some of the south Florida industries that we serve every day.

  • Law Offices: Helping law firms deal with the massive quantity of data they receive on a daily basis and its storage and management thereafter. Funcshun deals with the data security issue for law firms by providing Managed IT, security, and cloud services.
  • Real Estate: The most pressing issue for all realtors is finding good solid prospects, ones that are not just window shopping and have the means to become a client. We tackle this problem by providing top-of-the-line Web design and hosting services that target the right audience and holds your potential client’s attention - bringing in more concrete leads. What else? – We provide real estate offices and agents with the ability to access data and apps securely in the office and on the move.
  • Financial Services: In recent years, the Finance service industry has seen a 458% increase in searches by hackers for IoT connections for vulnerabilities. More advanced and sophisticated types of hacks are introduced daily, pressuring organizations to secure their data better. We provide a number of security services ranging from simple consultation and complete management of IT systems to the immediate remediation of compromised systems.
  • Trades: One of the problems that is evident across the trades is the communications and collaborations needs between the field and the home office. Funcshun solves these communications and collaboration issues through the implementation and management of Microsoft Office 365 and VOIP telephone solutions.
  • Design Firms: Working on the go is essential - visiting client offices and project sites. There are hundreds of things that you have to deal with, all the while moving from one place to another. Funcshun’s cloud services help you do that by providing secure access to all your apps and data from anywhere and any device at a moment’s notice.
  • Small to Mid-size Business: Many smaller businesses have fallen victim to data theft. It’s just not covered in the news. You’re aware of the problem, but don’t have the time to get into the weeds of IT security. Suffice it to say, it’s extremely important to keep all sensitive information, ideas, financial information, and customer databases secured and away from prying eyes. We leverage a service called FnSecurity and bring specialists in to secure your data and workflow.

What Services Does Funcshun Offer to Miami-Dade Businesses?

  • Funcshun MSP - Managed IT Services - Keeping your systems running flawlessly so you can get your work done.
  • Funcshun Cloud - Cloud Services - Helping you make the most of cloud assets and cloud potential.
  • Funcshun SEC - Protecting your infrastructure through continuous monitoring, timely remediation, and cutting-edge protocols.
  • Funcshun WEB - Presenting your organization online in a way that is search engine friendly and visually appealing.
  • Funcshun VOICE - Using modern internet infrastructure to give you professional voice communications and collaboration capability.