Do You Have Just One In-House Guy Taking Care of Your IT?

Do You Have Just One In-House Guy Taking Care of Your IT?

Are All Your Passwords and Network Configurations in the Hands of Just One In-House Tech?

Information Technology has become a key component of every successful business. From regulatory compliance to inventory management to project management, information technology plays a fundamental in almost every business process.

The way companies manage their IT investment and strategy can have a tremendous impact on their bottom line. Many companies that rely on a do-it-all in house IT guy to manage their IT investment are taking a great risk, and risk is bad for business.

What Would Happen if Your One IT Guy Decides to Leave?

What if you have to fire him?

What if he uses his access to cause damage remotely?

Who will protect your business from hackers and malicious users? Who will make sure your applications and IT services are providing service to your customers?

As a way to reduce risk and improve efficiency, more and more businesses are turning to experienced, insured, IT Managed Services Providers to handle their IT maintenance, security, and management.

What is Outsourced Managed IT Services?

Funcshun IT specialists leverage the Managed IT Services strategy to provide continuously IT support, maintenance, monitoring, and security to our clients. This IT support model is proactive in nature and provides all the IT care your business needs within an easily-budgeted, monthly recurring payment.

What are the Advantages of Working with an Outsourced IT Support Team?

Reduced Cost: The cost associated with hiring and retaining an in-house IT professional are high. Finding the right person is a lengthy process. There’s also a learning period as the professional gets to know and understand your IT infrastructure.

The result? The cost associated with security incidents and service disruptions caused by employee turnover can have a tremendous impact on the profitability of your business.

When you work with a Managed Services Provider like Funcshun, we are responsible for providing you with the right IT staff - so you get rid of all the issues associated with staffing. Funcshun can leverage economies of scale and provide your business with more cost-effective IT solutions than an internal IT guy can negotiate with IT providers.

Improved Security: Security is a complex topic. The chances are that a do-it-all in-house IT guy, won’t be able to be up to date with the latest security vulnerabilities and trends. Our highly trained security specialists leverage the latest security technologies and provide outstanding service to keep your business IT protected.

Improved Business Continuity: What happens if your IT guy quits, and he takes with him all the passwords? Or even worse, he let a back door open that allows him to gain access to your systems, applications and customer data?. The financial impact that a security breach can have on the business can be devastating. Working with an outsourced IT support team eliminates the risks associated with a mad IT guy leaving the company. Professional IT support teams allow you to have continuity of service while you are with them and help you transition to the next IT team if you choose to move away from their services.

Improve Scalability: If your business is experiencing rapid growth, it is likely that your in-house IT guy will become a bottleneck, as he will not be able to cope with the increased demand for IT requests and services. An outsourced IT support team offers you the flexibility to seamlessly scale as your business grows.