Cybersecurity Awareness Should Start at the Top

Cybersecurity Awareness Should Start at the Top

Cybercrime is projected to cost the world over $10 trillion annually by 2025. With attacks on the rise, every business in Miami – no matter its size – should make cybersecurity awareness a top priority. But for measures to be effective, awareness should start at the top.

A business can invest in professional cybersecurity in Miami, but if executives aren’t participating in awareness and training, they can quickly become the company's weakest links.

Why Cybersecurity Awareness Should Start at the Top

C-Suite Cyberattacks are on the Rise

A recent report from MobileIron and Vanson Bourne found that 60% of IT leaders say executives are most likely to be targeted by a cyberattack. That same report stated that 84% of C-level executives were aware they were targets of cyberattacks, and 54% said these attacks were phishing attacks.

Cyberattacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated to the point where even the savviest of users can fall victim to a phishing attempt. Of course, C-suite executives are natural targets for these attacks simply because of the authority they have and the position they hold.

Proper training and cybersecurity awareness education can help executives spot and avoid sophisticated attacks.

But unfortunately, that same report showed that nearly 40% of IT leaders believed that CEOs were the weak links of their companies. Indeed, 76% of CEOs admitted to bypassing the company's cybersecurity procedures and policies just to save time. Furthermore, CEOs often break the rules by using their own devices, which may not be adequately secured.

CEOs and executives need to do their part to follow procedures and policies designed to protect enterprises from cyberattacks, especially because they are often the primary targets of these attacks.

Executives Should Lead by Example

Creating a culture of security needs to start from the top down. Executives should lead by example. After all, they are the most prominent members of the business. They should participate in training and follow the company’s cybersecurity policies and procedures.

Because if the company’s leaders aren’t following the rules, why should everyone else?

“Talking the talk and walking the walk” will motivate employees and teams at all levels to make cybersecurity awareness a priority.

Training and Policies Can Protect the Company and Others

Executives are often reluctant to participate in training because they are pressed for time. However, new interactive training platforms make training quick and painless.

When executives buy in and get on board with cybersecurity policies and procedures, they help protect the company against cyberattacks. They also protect other individuals or businesses that may be affected by the attack if the company holds their personal information.

Cultivating a Security Culture

There's no surefire way to protect against cyberattacks, but building a security-centric culture can help reduce the risk. However, to cultivate such a culture, everyone must be on the same page, and that includes those at the highest level of the company.

Working with a cybersecurity managed service provider in Miami like FUNCSHUN is a great way to get executives on-board and take steps to protect the company against cyberattacks.