Are You Overwhelmed with Cloud Options?

Are You Overwhelmed with Cloud Options?

We'll Help You Sort through the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Cloud Services.

Cloud computing offers numerous benefits for your business but moving to the cloud can be a challenging and complex process. We know the ins and outs of cloud computing and can provide you the solutions you need to run your business smoothly and cost-effectively. Let’s get to the point and address the most asked questions related to the cloud services and moving to the cloud.

What Is a Cloud Computing Service?

Cloud computing is about running your business applications and managing data using a network of remote servers. This process allows you to avoid investing in expensive hardware and IT infrastructure and thus reduce your overall business costs. FUNCSHUN experts can help you achieve that.

Is the Cloud Right for My Business?

Most small and medium-sized businesses have no resources to install and maintain enterprise-grade IT infrastructure. You should also take into account that most businesses are cyclical. The cloud is scalable, which means you can get a flexible service that grows with needs or scales down in times of economic downturn.

Being flexible is important in the digital age and our cloud services enable you to leverage flexibility and mobility for your processes.

Do I need a Cloud Strategy?

Having a strategy in migrating to and utilizing cloud assets is essential. A good cloud strategy is to start small and grow gradually, scaling up and down depending on your current business needs.

What Workloads Should I Move to the Cloud?

Moving your data and backups to the cloud is the first thing to do when moving to the cloud. Remote data centers offer data security and uptimes of more than 99%, and many companies start their cloud journey by moving their data and data backups to the cloud. Business continuity is important and the cloud offers the capability to stay operational even in the case of data breaches or hardware failures.

Cloud services are available from anywhere, which means you can move virtually any business process to the cloud. Moving to a new office will not require moving complex IT infrastructures with you. Cloud services and cloud data centers also enable your employees to access your business apps and data remotely and in any time, which gives you even greater flexibility.

Do I Need Expert Help to Shift to the Cloud?

Having some IT expertise in-house is helpful but consulting with a knowledgeable cloud expert will help you to adopt the right cloud strategy for your business. For example, there are certain bandwidth requirements, so you need expert assistance to assess how the move to the cloud should be made for best results.

Data security in relation to a shift to the cloud is another area where you need expert help. Protecting your business-critical data is of great importance. You need someone to set up and monitor a full IT security strategy – in-house and cloud - for your data to be safe in the cloud.