LogMeIn Alternatives

Although LoMeIn is eliminating their free service, the paid LogMeIn Central for unlimited agents isn’t a bad deal. However, still looking for some LogmeIn alternatives? Here are a few you may consider. RealVNC RealVNC was quick to jump on the bandwagon today with a press release announcing its continued commitment to free remote access products, […]

vCloud Director 5.1 Performance and Best Practices

VMware vCloud Director 5.1 gives enterprise organizations the ability to build secure private clouds that dramatically increase datacenter efficiency and business agility. Coupled with VMware vSphere, vCloud Director delivers cloud computing for existing datacenters by pooling virtual infrastructure resources and delivering them to users as catalog-based services.

Universities bait bike thieves.

“Bait bikes,” rigged with GPS-tracking technology, are popping up on college campuses across the nation in an effort to reduce bike theft, though the results have been mixed. (Photo: David De Lossy, Getty Images) STORY HIGHLIGHTS The National Bike Registry and campus police say bicycle theft is the No. 1 type of property theft on […]

SubNet and Host Counts

[col type=”1_2″] Prefix size Network mask Available subnets Usable hosts per subnet Total usable hosts /24 1 254 254 /25 2 126 252 /26 4 62 248 /27 8 30 240 /28 16 14 224 /29 32 6 192 /30 64 2 128 /31 128 2 * 256 […]