A Virus Just Infected Your Computer. What Next?

If you’re unsure of how to handle a virus infection, you’re not alone.  Viruses are something we contend with every day working in cybersecurity in Miami, and despite efforts to raise awareness, infections continue to grow.

In fact, an estimated 5.5 billion malware attacks were launched worldwide in 2022, up 2% from the previous year.

Malware Analysis: Techniques for Identifying and Analyzing Malicious Software

Worldwide, over 5.4 billion malware attacks occur, and many of these attacks are against small and large businesses. As a cybersecurity company in Miami, we take a multi-pronged approach to:

Identify malware
Analyze the malicious software

However, before dissecting our techniques and approaches to dealing with malware analysis, it’s important to understand what is categorized as malicious software.

Cyberthreat Outlook For 2023

Cyberthreats remain a top priority for businesses across the world. Major developments in 2022 have led to an increase in concerns for clients that we help with cybersecurity in Miami. The cyberthreat outlook or forecast for 2023 includes:
Rise of AI to Help Create Malicious Software and Emails
Artificial intelligence is working double duty, with AI being used to strengthen security and also for writing malicious code.

2023 Cyberthreat Outlook

As a company that offers cybersecurity in Miami, we’re often asked what the year ahead holds for cyberthreats. While we can never be 100% certain of what the future holds, we do have a few predictions for our 2023 cyberthreat outlook.
Threats Will Become More Advanced
Cybercriminals are continually trying to outthink and outwit security experts.

Cybersecurity Tips for Remote Work and Travel

One of the biggest problems people face when it comes to cybersecurity is the fact that there is a growing number of people who are remote workers for their organizations. They travel for business, meaning they have to log into Wi-Fi systems in unknown locations, like hotels, coffee shops, restaurants, and other similar places.

What is Cybersecurity Governance?

As a cybersecurity company in Miami, we know the importance of cybersecurity governance more than most of our clients. It's important to have a framework for managing security, but many businesses are just realizing that governance is a good thing.
What is Cybersecurity Governance?
Governance is a set of processes used to oversee something.

4 Steps to Take After a Ransomware Attack

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. In the first half of 2021, the FBI received more than 2,000 complaints of ransomware – a 62% increase year-on-year. For businesses, being faced with this type of cyber attack can be scary. An attacker has taken your data hostage, which means private or sensitive information has fallen into the wrong hands.