How Hackers are Using AI for Cyberattacks

Artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the shape of technology. Cyberattacks are a real threat to businesses and the average person alike. While resource-intensive hacks of the past were designated solely to businesses due to profitability, AI allows for more wide-scale attacks on individuals.

What are AI Attacks?

AI cyberattacks are a major concern for businesses worldwide. Machine learning and AI are quickly becoming an integral part of society. You'll deal with AI when:

Booking plane tickets
Receiving quotes for healthcare
Searching for information online

With the advent of large language models (LLM), we’re likely to witness even more AI attacks in the future.

Why Cyber Attacks Increase During the Holidays

Every holiday season, we see an uptick in requests for cybersecurity in Miami. While many people are celebrating, others are finding ways to take advantage of this time of year to benefit themselves using illegal methods.

Attacks Rise Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s
Research shows that cyber attacks rise between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, so for a period of 5 – 6 weeks, you have to be very cautious of attacks.

Cryptocurrency and Ransomware, What’s Going On?

In 2021, the FBI recorded more than 3,700 ransomware attacks, resulting in $49 million in losses. When organizations do pay the ransom, they typically do so in cryptocurrency. In fact, 98% of ransomware payments are made in Bitcoin.

As experts in cybersecurity in Miami, we know first-hand that anyone can become the victim of a ransomware attack.

Do We Need to Worry About Our Car’s Auto Pilot Being Hacked?

Auto pilot is the wave of the future in the automotive industry, and the technology has a lot of potential. Something clients ask us when we provide cybersecurity in Miami is if their cars can be hacked.

The simple answer is yes.
State of Auto Pilot Hacking
Autonomous vehicles have an inherent risk of being hacked because they’re, essentially, massive computers on wheels.