Business Voice & VoIP Telephone Services

Business Voice & VoIP Telephone Services

FAQ About VOIP and Using VOIP in Business

What Do You Need to Know About VOIP?

Most businesses have transitioned to VOIP. The biggest reason for many is the reduced cost, but for others, the ‘extra’ benefits are simply irresistible.

These benefits are what Kevin Werbach wanted businesses to know about when he wrote Using VoIP to Compete, an article published in the Harvard Business Review.

To help you choose the best VOIP solution, here’s what you need to know.

How different is VOIP from the traditional phone system?

In the simplest of ways, VOIP routes phone calls through the Internet whereas traditional lines use the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network). Two major differences are that PSTN keeps service providers in control while VOIP gives you the control. PSTN is also limited in functionality compared to VOIP.

What functionalities does VOIP offer which PSTN doesn’t?

Very many. VOIP gives you complete control over how you communicate, whether with colleagues or customers. These include audio and video conferencing, instant messaging, presence information, transcribed voicemail sent to your email and logged calls.

Isn’t calling through the Internet expensive?

It’s actually cheaper than the traditional calls. VOIP uses your existing internet connection, and so you don’t need to purchase any credit.

How is VOIP implemented?

You can have the system in your own premises where you manage everything. You can also outsource the service and have it managed by a third party.

The best option, however, is a cloud-based SaaS solution like Funcshun VOICE which gives you the benefits of economies of scale. This is cheaper and easier to expand when the need arises.

Are cloud-based VOIP services secure?

Cloud-based services are very secure, even more than the server you host yourself. Since the cloud service provider is focused on technology, he is able to invest heavily on security beyond what normal business do.

For VOIP services hosted in the cloud, you will typically get end-to-end encryption as well as authentication. The assurance of security comes from sticking to strict security standards.

How do I pick the best VOIP system for my business?

It is best to start by consulting a VOIP expert. You should establish what you need then discuss the implementation. A good consultant will be able to help you identify existing and future needs.

Keeping in mind the possible expansion and potential benefits you may want to reap from VOIP, he will advise you on the features you need to go for.

How does Funcshun VOICE stand against the competition?

Funcshun VOICE is unique in the marketplace. What others call advanced, we call standard. Scalability and mobile integration are normal. We go beyond that to offer more than 50 advanced business communications features.

We do everything!

  • Onboard
  • Port Numbers
  • Set Up Phones
  • Phones Training
  • Set Up Ivr
  • Set Up Fax to Email
  • Set Up Voicemail to Email

We Have Granular Control and Security.

Unlike our competitors, Funcshun VOICE is completely under our control.


We have our own multi-tenant system housed in our data center. This one factor alone allows us to provide benefits that the other guys can’t touch.

  • Lower Pricing
  • Simpler Support
  • Higher Security
  • Superior Operational Monitoring