Boosting Online Presence

Boosting Online Presence

Did you recently create your website? Updated your website? Or have a website?

BUT you don’t know how to get your website out there, well you're in luck. In this blog, we will be talking about a few basic pointers on how to get your site on Google, Bing, or Yahoo.


These will be the talking points for this blog:

  • Keywords
  • Social Media Presence
  • Links
  • Brand
  • Track & Measure
  • Much More...



Keywords are the terms people are searching for. Basically, if you sell shoes, when somebody types in shoes in the search engine I am pretty sure you want your site to come up. But then you face competition with other vendors and websites. Fighting for a place on the search engines is quite tough, you can do it organically by getting views to your website or optimizing your website to be an SEO beast or you can do the ad SEO way which is what people pay for by a method search engines use which is CPC - Cost per click. Certain keywords have different suggested CPCs, they weigh by how many times somebody uses that keyword and by how stiff the competition is. It is always good to have keywords in everything you do for your site and social media.


Social Media Presence

Before even reading this, you should have made a social media account with the 4 social giants. Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Instagram. You can worry about the other platforms later. Growing your followers on social media drastically boost up your ranks in the search engines. Make sure to add links your website from social media. Outbound links are huge in SEO and I'll talk about that later. Influence your audience to share your content, there is no better way to maximize popularity than human interaction. Increase brand awareness as well.



Learn building is huge in the SEO world, mostly due to the fact that Google ranks it as a major factor.

Google looks into link popularity, a number of times a link is clicked or how many impressions it has. Getting other sites to link to you is a boost because Google uses that information to see the link popularity to better place you in their rank. You can do in house links which basically link that you have on your website that go to another page on your website. Google picks this up and uses this to better assist you with ranking.



Your brand image is a reflection of how users feel about you. To make your users feel good about your brand, focus on the different user experiences:

  • Useful: Your content should be high quality, useful and relevant.
  • Usable: Your site should be easy to navigate.
  • Desirable: Your design should appeal to your audience.
  • Findable: You should focus on content and make searching for information.
  • Accessible: Your site should be mindful with disabilities.
  • Credible: Your brand must show signs of authority and prompt trust.


Track and Measure

Every month, keep track of the contribution of each traffic source for your site, which is including:

  • Direct Navigation
  • Referral Navigation
  • Search Traffic

Three major search engines make up 95% of all search engines in the U.S., Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

Compare Performances vs Market Share, compare the volume contribution of each engine with its estimated market share. Get visibility into potential drops. Uncover strategic value.


Much More…

For more information on SEO, visit Moz. They specialize in SEO.