2023 Cyberthreat Outlook

2023 Cyberthreat Outlook

As a company that offers cybersecurity in Miami, we’re often asked what the year ahead holds for cyberthreats. While we can never be 100% certain of what the future holds, we do have a few predictions for our 2023 cyberthreat outlook.

Threats Will Become More Advanced

Cybercriminals are continually trying to outthink and outwit security experts. There's a thrill in working to circumvent strict security measures and successfully executing a cyberattack. We expect that hackers will continue to advance their attacks in 2023 thanks to:

  • Automation and faster processing to find security holes
  • Advanced software and tools to execute attacks

Interestingly, there were a lot of older technologies being put to use this past year to execute attacks. Security experts will need to be on the lookout for older attacks that they’ve “scaled back on” because they’re rarely used anymore.

Many companies will feel overwhelmed by the fast-paced and ever-changing attacks that are likely in 2023.

Coordinated Threats Will Continue to Rise

Cisco reports that last year, there was a major rise in coordinated cyberattacks. We expect this trend to continue because it works. Cybersecurity relies on multiple stakeholders, all working together to stop an attack.

If coordinated attacks occur, it becomes even more complex for security professionals to thwart attacks.

Multi-stage attacks are likely to:

  • Continue well into 2023
  • Lead to major security breaches
  • Cause massive data leaks

Threat detection and automated systems must be in place to help stop these attacks from being successful.

Work-from-Home Investments Will Continue

The change in how employees work adds to the complexity of today’s businesses. Many businesses still have employees working from home, and these individuals have their own devices riddled with security risks.

Now, work-from-home devices must be an integral component of cybersecurity, and this may mean:

  • Uncovering new ways to secure devices
  • Flagging non-secure systems
  • A rise in ransomware and similar attacks

With more people working from home, businesses and their IT teams will need to work more diligently than ever before. These professionals will need to create strict access controls, security requirements and protocols.

AI Will Play a Major Role in Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence will continue to become an integral part of cybersecurity. State-sponsored attacks and advanced hacking networks will certainly use AI to try and find weaknesses in networks.

After all, it’s better to attack a network when there’s a known weakness than to spend a lot of resources on an attack destined to fail.

However, machine learning and AI are very likely to help on the cybersecurity side of things. It's very likely that in 2023, we’ll see cybersecurity professionals “get help” from AI.

The use of AI and machine learning will be an interesting development because all sides of the equation will use it:

  • Hackers
  • Security experts

We're even seeing AI mimic the voice of executives and attempt to authenticate transactions.

While we expect a lot of different trends to take place in cybersecurity in 2023, these are the ones that we think will be very prominent. Of course, building a company culture around security awareness will certainly help protect against attacks.