Encrypted Email

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Identity theft and security breaches can damage your customers’ business in an instant, but now you can deliver comprehensive email protection simply, effectively and profitably.


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Powerful security for you and your recipients.

AVG Encrypted Email is a secure, cloud solution that allows your customers to encrypt all outbound emails based on their content, the sender or recipient. Its unique inbox-to-inbox communication requires no sender/recipient authentication and eliminates the need for customers to build and maintain their own encryption keys.

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Encryption Benefits


Policy-based Email Encryption
Encrypt all company emails centrally based on content, sender and recipient for regulatory compliance. Emails can also be set to automatically encrypt if triggered by selected keywords in the subject line, if marked as confidential, or if addressed to specific email domains or email addresses.

Transparent Email Encryption
Public encryption keys are automatically retrieved and distributed, enabling transparent email encryption between all encryption customers.

Additional Encryption Controls
Emails that are sent un-encrypted can be automatically encrypted, re-routed or blocked if they do not comply with the company’s encryption policy. This automatically reduces the risk of genuine user error as well as malicious user intent.

Unique Multi-Device Compatibility
As well as secure PC-to-PC encryption, AVG Encrypted Email is also uniquely compatible with all email communication sent via and to BlackBerry and other smartphone devices.

Secure Message Portal
AVG Encrypted Email is cloud-based and maintained in SysTrust-certified and SAS-70 type II Data Centers for additional peace of mind.

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